Gregory Guterman

Software Engineer



Visualizes any codebase. Integrates with Github, parses files and renders the callgraph in interactive SVG. Supports 5+ languages with more to come.

Visualizes pull requests by performing a diff on the two flow charts. I have not found another tool that does this. I work alone on this project.

3d Gif Maker


HTML5 / WebGL / Vanilla JS interactive image transformer lets users make entertaining gifs from their favorite images.

Radio Playlist Aggregator


Scrapes a couple of local radio stations websites. Page hot updates and infinitely scrolls with the power of React.js. Uses Youtube Data API and caches song links.

JavaScript Static Analyzer

(github) (demo)

Use the static analyzer to whitelist or blacklist any constructs such as functions, loops, etc. in your code.

Davis Dinner Club


To be continued...